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26 October 2017

LinkedIn HR exec says this is the top mistake people make during the recruitment process

Asking questions at the interview shows that you have been paying attention and that you are eager to learn more about the company.
Global Head of Talent for LinkedIn, Brendan Browne, says that the best way to make sure an interviewer remembers you once the interview is over is to always ask questions at the end, which is something that many job applicants don’t do.

“If people don’t have questions, that’s a concern,” Browne tells CNBC Make It. In fact, he says that it’s the number one mistake he sees people making during the hiring process.
Browne explains that when a prospective candidate doesn’t ask questions, it raises alarm bells. “Questions are one of the most important things.” Browne gives pointers on questions you can ask: “Ask about the interviewer’s experiences. What challenges do they face? What’s next for the company and what’s up ahead?” This vital part of the interview could be the make or break as to whether you land the job. It’s your last chance to show you are really interested and to demonstrate that you are already thinking about the company’s future and how you would fit into the business.

As the head of global talent at LinkedIn, Browne says that alignment with the company is the most important thing that he looks for. Browne, however, warns that although pay is an important discussion and needs to be discussed at some point, asking questions about pay on the first interview stage can turn the interview into a lengthy process and be off putting for the interviewer.
Browne makes clear that they pay well, but says that when compensation is brought up too early and too frequently during the hiring process, he usually responds by saying, “If that’s the most important thing, this may not be the right place for you.”
As stated on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn HR exec says this is the top mistake people make during the recruitment process

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